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About Pickle..

I’m Bryan Nguyen From  7th grade.People call me PICKLE!Heh I don’t get it either.. My Quote is “Life is all, but a dream” I’m gonna put that in the year book xD!I’m Vietnamese I AM DEFINATLY NOT CHINESE OR JAPANESE.I’m very interested in the stars,sky,moon,and sun…it makes me feel good to be alive..When I grow up I may be a family doctor yea yea i know it’s hard, but worth it and I actually want to help kids and adults, It’s better than doing surgery or something like that.If i don’t make it I have a back-up I might be a dentist LOL yea I know weird…but yea.If i REALLY! really fail I’ll be an Computer Engineer like my dad.My family history is full of doctors, but my dad is an engineer  like my two uncles and my grandfather was in the Vietnam war(On the south, the people who were with the Americans trying to fight the north because of the cold war)My grandfather was a General the best of the best xD!Well If you knew the history the North of Vietnam wanted to take over the South of Vietnam because of their land.The Americans sided with the South because They were Communists which means the property is owned by the people.The north didn’t have this neither did the Russians.The Americans were actually fighting against the Russian because of the cold war, but they helped South of Vietnam because the russians gave the North weapons and etc.Well in the end the south obviously lost cause the Americans pulled back, since so many had died.My grandfather was sent into jail after that, but a few years before that my family left vietnam while he stayed. Than we landed in North Carolina where my gramparents were. We than moved to Florida where I was born.THAN AFTER THAT! WE went to Texas than finally California..On my mom’s side my granma was a pediatrician and my granmpa was a Family doctor.So you can see why I want to be a family doctor.My Grandma was a good doctor too.Here’s something my mom told me about my granmpa”Your granmpa was the best at using needles, when he gives someone a shot, he doesn’t tell you, he’ll give you 1 second to blink and the needle will already be in.When he gave me my shots, it left scars!”Lol. So you can see that My family has been through many things to get me here so I have NO REGRETS against my family.My mom is a house mom and my dad is an engineer/bodybuilder(Well he USED TO BE now he goes to the gym everyday)….{I also have a little brother Named Matthew, I think some of you saw him in my compost final}And so my little brother and Me are next in line to take on our family history.♥Pickle/Bryan N.♥



1. ™♠♥pATricA♠♥™ - June 19, 2007

wat evr pickle…I KNOW Y GOT DEE NAME PICKLE!!! IZ BCUZ OF DEANNA AHAHAHA!!! IT WAS EITHER PICKLE OR MUSHROOM!!!! PICKLE AHAHAHA…deanna gave me dee name PATRICK too….so ur not alone -.-

2. pickleboy - June 20, 2007

Patrica …….I got the name pickle from miguel….and uuhhh deanna just kept saying it is all..

3. Bryan - June 24, 2007

Ok i’ve updated my page about me and now it looks like a page in a book! XDDD

4. ™♠♥pATricA♠♥™ - June 25, 2007

ZOMG!!! hella long!!! how long did it take you o type this!?!? lol im gonna update mine too…hehe!!! oh and ♥Patricia/Patrick♥

5. ™♠♥pATricA♠♥™ - June 25, 2007


6. pickleboy - June 25, 2007

Only 15mins and uhh why are ya laughing?Have you turned into the dark side patrick!?!? NOOOOOO!!!!!!

7. m3!@ny - July 26, 2007

hey ur vietnamese?? wow i didnt know that thats pretty awesome XD

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